“The Galactic Slave Trade” on YouTube

So I watched this and in short, I can see narcissists as possibly wounded empaths. I know in my own experience over the last year, I had to shut down a lot!!!! At some point I wondered if I am becoming a narc because I have to be sooooooooooo aware of myself, but also looking outside of myself for comfort. This Entity main goal is to shut me down…. Break me down… Numb…

I also have this whole other reality super imposed on top of my reality and it wasn’t until recently that I was able to see the subtle ways the Entity manipulated me and ultimately other people by imposing itself in my relationships. Its not easy. Which is why I opted out of dragging anyone along with me as much as I would love to have someone there to comfort me when things get really scary.

Honesty and authenticity has grounded me, not being afraid or assuming (or allowing the Entity to scare me into assuming) of how I may look to other people for my honesty has been helpful. So as someone who I guess would originally identify as sensitive and empathic this has been a hard hard road to walk and still maintain self…. Compassion. 

Again just been looking around. I’ve had to put down so many “beliefs” and interests that I normally drew inspiration from (creativity) just so I can deal with this Entity that twists EVERYTHING into a nightmare. That’s the first step in loosing yourself. 

I never really met a Narc before, I hadn’t looked it up until my ex (twin flame) and I broke up because I didn’t know if homeboy had hypnotized me in my sleep, or voodoo…. or something….. But a part of me died. I came across Narcs and empaths which lead me to twin flame. But essentially it was this Entity fucking with my emotions to trying to create this grand “play”. 

So I can’t even see if he is truly a Narc. I mean I had even questioned myself as one. But this Entity is beyond a psychopath and now I’m labeled/experiencing schizophrenia.

How can we show compassion for our Narcs with out compromise?….. Because somewhere down the line maybe they were just so sensitive/ emathic that they had to shut down.

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