Bodies Natural Defense

I’m just wondering why life is set up this way….. as I see that A LOT of people from all walks of life are experiencing this in a different way.

Some may not have a distinct voice but more or less there are commonalities. Giving up everything they loved or worked for, strange experiences, crazy emotions, sensation (just to name a few). 

But I’m unsure of the point. I mean the story of Jobe came up, but ….. Its just something is off. People talk about karma, but again its not adding up. And everyone is in a different level with different combinations trying to cope and make sense of it while getting by.

Some flow with it, some go kicking and screaming like I did. So what exactly is IT? I can’t see why God would WANT you to sacrifice your life’s work / mission unless you were truly unhappy. Why would GOD want us running around thinking we are under alien whatever mind control?

After all these billions of years, why hasn’t our body (mental, spiritual, physical) developed a defense against this “energy”. 

Its unfortunate because people get trapped in this “energy” and do crazy things and or commit suicide. And what’s the point?

Some people view them as weak… As selfish…. And I actually feel sorry that they were silenced…. That there was nothing in our human capacity to truly heal and help them. Why? 

As I write this the entity keeps trying to throw me off, so I can’t remember my flow of thought. 

I hope that we…. In the near future evolve in a way that allows for us to naturally defend ourselves against these energies. “Life lessons” are just an excuse. If we were fully centered …. Fully connected there would be no need…. And we could create and tend to the earth instead of destroying each other and the planet. 

It is possible. It is our nature.


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