The lure of the “other side”

I can’t say what exactly is happening to other people or what works for them to get through life.

Peeling and peeling and peeling away layers. Although the Entity still uses my ex (twin flame) and sexual distorted images and thoughts to make me feel like shit. I have found that is more of a reflection of what IT is rather than me.

When the white out or black out happen I am unsure of the point of them. 

Side note:  I did another experiment. At night if I touch a part of my body say my stomach or leg my body is solo sensitive that this wave of chills come over my body. Now if this wasn’t associated with the nightmare I’m going through…. Getting a massage would be dope. Either way I can feel almost all my nerves in my lower body when this happens. This morning in I did the same thing and body was perfectly normal. I don’t think this has to do with time of day…. But of course something that the Entity is doing.

So I took a nap and these white outs are happening now… An overwhelming amount of light mostly pink and white. Nothing distinct just light almost like watercolor. This time a little more wavey. So this is happening and I asked the Entity, “are you trying to erase my memorie?” I saw a bejewed eye that was similar to a set of earrings I saw online. 

The Entity said “No.” After I said “STOP DOING THIS!” Soon as I got up.

The Entity said “Don’t you feel refreshed?”, I said “NO! I feel angry!”…. 

This is this Entity’s interpretation of “Awakening” (since i have been reading about that stuff) to put itself in a position of power.

Everyone talks about the veils being lifted, or near death experiences seeing the white light and what have you…. And if that’s the case I have died several times do to this Entity wanting play around with my wires.

I am in no way shape or form lured by the other side. The only really reason I ever was was to understand what was/ is happening to me in the present. And now I know why. 

So Hi Mr. Entity nice meeting you, you can move along now. We are done, and I don’t need anymore magic tricks or fuses blown so you can feel powerful.

Seems to be a lot of people out here meditating to get their fuses blown ….. And I’m over here trying to hold on for dear life. And its not because I’m scared but because its a fucking lie.

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