Fake Friends

I wonder to what extent people in the spiritual communities know what’s really up. While I can see glimers of my experience in other peoples I can’t ever say…… Its just that. 

So I wonder if they are truly awakened….. Or lured into the fantasy of so. 

Or maybe the lure is just avoid, or excuse a process…… an event that makes no sense.

Are those who are “enlightened” and talk in riddles …. Mysterious one liners….. Really enlightened or are they comfortable with their fantasy?

I know often if I feel someone is on the verge (break down/ suicide), I try to be careful of what information or ideas I spew only because I wouldn’t want to influence them to go through the nightmare ive gone through.

I am not enlightened AT ALL! Only understand that an event like this can exist, AND evil is real.

People in the spiritual community talk about the “dark night of the soul”. To my understanding it was experienced by priest as a form of “purification”….. But tum….. How long does this go on for? And to what extent is it real or made up? Why would a bunch of non priest or spiritual leaders need to go through a process, and why here on earth.

I see people going down the path of past lives and it hurts because…. Cause in my experience it is an excuse for spiritual torture. And untrue. But I can’t stop anyone, in a way I can not stop this process or event because if I could have I would have stopped it for myself. I can do is wave a flag of caution…..  Be careful what you believe.


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