Listening to Psalms

Ok my idea of God kinda differs from what I hear in the Bible. 

I was listening to Psalms it was talking about offering sacrifices and the wrath of God against ones enemy.

But we all know who the real enemy is. However you want to name it…. How ever you want to think about it… We know there is evil that lurks. I guess becoming an adult was understanding how REAL this evil is…. Both outside and with in. 

But a question that came up for me is…

Why would god need a sacrifice? As I pondered in my head, its not for energy or for money. I guess what came to mind is if God did not take the life of “Satan” or what have you… Why would God suggest to take the life of an animal or human?

The entity said….(I didn’t ask it) to prove obedience.

But its usually of the ones who are already obediant at least in the bible. I just don’t think that God would need for us to prove anything. Because “he”already knows. He put us here, we were created. IT is there whether we acknowlege it or not. Just me.

So we go through our trials and tribulation. Thinking that God has left or is testing us. And he’s not.

I was talking to my mom the other day when the woman that was considering suicide triggered me. And my mom said something to the extent that God made a bet with Lucifer on the souls of humans. Now conceptually I understand the idea…. Don’t do bad don’t let the devil win…..

But why on earth would God make a BET with Lucifer? That doesn’t even make sense…. Lucifer/data/ devil whatever is beneath him!

And why would he even give Lucifer domain?

Some would say that I am wrong for questioning God…. But I’m not questions God…. I am questioning the information that is presented. Because it doesn’t feel right and its not adding up.

But alas…. I will head to my grandmother’s advice, and keep it simple. I believe in God.

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  1. God wanted a different kind of sacrifice at the beginning of the bible, then He does now. A lot of things changed. We used to not be allowed to eat pig or we would be unclean, but now God has made it clean. (This might be because pigs carried diseases and we were not cooking them the right way, until someone realized this through God, then we could eat pigs when we cooked it correctly.) The aroma of a sacrificed lamb etc. was pleasing to God, but now his expectations are an aroma of something different. Things like good will, love for Him and Jesus Christ, thankfulness for your life and being good to yourself and others. Giving up things that you love more than God, because God and Jesus you should love more than everything else. He forgives your sins and loves you no matter what. A bet can be a good metaphor for a war. God and Satan have a war going, Satan wants to be higher than God which he cannot but will try to use you, make you sad, unhappy, do bad things. God will constantly try and herd you to Him, but by your own free will. Its a spiritual battle. God bless you.


    1. Thank you for your response it was calming. I’m just having a hard time believing the SMELL of burnt offering was/ is pleasing to god when God can basically do whatever he wants. Smell the aroma whatever when ever and move mountains. Its not adding up. As for unclean animals…. The animals we eat today are so gross pumped with chemicals and hormons that are affecting our bodies we barely call them animals anymore. Just saying …. The food industry is probably less clean than before with all the chemicals and stuff they add to everything.


      1. Neither you or I can change what is written in the bible. Our prayers are an aroma to Him as well.. But this might be too metaphorical, you see He is not human, so our human minds can not understand everything about Him. We can just love Him, as He loves us. He has the right to judge us, since He is the Almighty Creator, but for us to judge Him is not wise. But you sound as if you have questions only God can help explain to you, bring them to Him, He will answer. God bless you.


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