Vibrational Match


So I’m not the happiest person in the world. I’ve listened to my share of down tempo and witchhouse music. But I can’t totally understand the notion that like attracts like…. Energetically speaking. Especially if life is filled with the fucked up ironies.

How did I allow this entity thing into my life? And why is it here? I try to ignore it. I do. But even I find a moment of relief (which has only been recently)….. For one moment…  Then either the entity draws my attention back to it OR I energetically look around and see if the coast is clear.

I know I’ve gone through some tings in life, always having to move around in my home city cause rent sucks and never knowing when someone might flip mode, a couple of bad decisions that I’ve gotten over….. but how did this happen? How does that concept apply?

How energetically could I EVER be at the same “vibration” as this entity? I try to understand…. I do…. But something is missing from all of this. Something doesn’t make sense. And I am willing to let that go but as long as I feel this entities presence ….. Hear its voice the question will be there….


Are “past lives” just an excuse to play in our heads? “Karma” a justification for not leaving? Fear a way to control? Unknown… To keep you going? 

I was forced a sip of the kool aid…. And it tastes like shit. Bullshit.

I can sit here and make up some life lesson… And draw conclusions…. Some reason to excuse this experience. But I can’t . I can’t for this one.

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  1. You are not vibrationally matched to the entity, your vibrations are low, extremely low and your inner feelings and fears keep you in the darkness. You need to focus on self love and awareness and accept your life and move forward


    1. This blog is my attempt to move forward. Since my therapist quit…. As I said I have tested myself in going outside or interacting with people and such and have not stabilized yet and I am not in the place I want to be in order to reenter the world and get back to me. I won’t accept anything less than complete detachment from whatever this is.


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