New Feeling: vag stab

So I had two wonderful women encourage me to empower myself today. And I am try to fix my mind on that. Its always been there…. Having others who get what your going through helps as well.

Today after my post I received what felt like at first cramps that lead up to my moon cycle (it was shorter last month since I’ve gained weight). But this pain…. This pain was new. I quickly went from a dull crampy pain to someone stabbing the Venus mound on my croutch to literally feeling like there was something moving around not inside but on the outside and it was painful. I’m not sure if its my period and I’m just on high alert, but the sensation that there was something moving like a fast slug or something was a sensation I’ve never felt before……. And I’ve felt a lot at this point. 

Will update if my per’d shows up. 


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