Watch “Spirit & Entity Possession, Soul Loss, Soul Retrieval, and The Energy Game of Earth” on YouTube

Take the best and leave the rest. But conceptual interesting. 

I am unsure what exactly is happening to me. Schizophrenia, kundalini, awakening, demonic psychic attack, ect. Unsure, but I know what ever it is feels very much outside of me, outside my control ….. A non natural response to sensory factors in my everyday life. 

To have not only have my memories/ intentions/ beliefs “skewed” by an entity or voice, but also have my natural responses to things around me feel just as skewed….. The opposite ….. That it is telling. To me that is a major point.

If someone doesn’t know or can’t tell what is the TRUTH then in a sense their power is gone. They are basing their actions and beliefs on a lie. But in the same side letting go can also be powerful as well. Letting go that you may not know.

I could list all the ways in which this entity has interfered in my life by super imposing itself as other people, or gentle whispers. I can also list all the “truamas” in my life in hopes to find a good reason…. That this happened to me. Maybe I will maybe I won’t. But the most important thing is that it kind of doesn’t matter. Like Yea maybe you weren’t nice to someone but that doesn’t mean you can’t be to the next. Do I want to live my whole entire life reliving a few fuck ups over and over and not look at all the great things I’ve done? How I persevered? How I tried to return the kindness? Its not about being boastful but balanced. No ones perfect. 

Do you know or remember who you really are? Is that who you want to be? 

I’m still going through it, though the volume and sensations are “less intense”, the themes are the same, the fuckery is the same. And I will have to eventually forgive myself for falling for for it (what I know and don’t know). However this video talks about trauma, and how our “souls” / energy is loss through this process which gives “access” to theses beings. Or that is at least was is told. 

I guess what I’m saying is if the “past trauma” comes up AND/OR is preyed upon by dark energies to maintain control …… How do I know that the “trauma” from expierencing this won’t pop up or has left a gapping hole whatever. Because this shit was more twisted and fucked up then any of the “traumas” or fuck ups I have ever made. 

Just saying. 

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