Past Life BS

The entity says I’m suppose to “die of molestation”, and that I abused 57 children in a past life and I am “paying” for it now. 

Right. πŸ˜’πŸ˜©

It also said I was Isis in a past life and I’m over here wondering how many Isis are running around on the planet right now? 

So WHY would the entity need to make me feel like/ call me a child molestor when I’m not one. “Because its more painful that you are not.” 

OK so HOW do I know that is not what happened in the past life? (Super fucking hypothetical)

I don’t believe any of this shit. It says I was a man in a past life that’s why I am an ugly woman. And only beautiful women have children. And that my ex (“twin flame”) will have a beautiful woman to have a son with and I should die so he can live on. 

This is the bullshit I hear all fucking day.

I can’t even make shit up. At any point in my life…… I really can’t. Like I can do so landscape swirly unicorn type shit but the shit this entity plants in my head is absurd and out of control. My creativity is limited to like some Cosmo ethereal shit.

So fucking over this shit. And the funny shit is is that this thing is calling ME a molestor when all it does is buzz and zap and crazy shit to my gentials all day long and in my sleep and like practically rapes me every night. Shit is sick.

If I could jump out my skin I would. Instead I’m trapped inside my body with an unwanted guest! 


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