Truth is Truth

Whether we know it or not…. Consciously or subconsciously truth will remain…. Reasoning is a path….. But truth will remain. Seen by who? Realized. 

Does truth have to be realized in order for it to be truth? Perspectives are valuable …. It is a path…… a reasoning. But the truth still remains.

I am at peace that I may never know why this happened to me…. Or anyone.

But that does not mean that the truth is not elevated. Above all …. The good or the bad…. Truth is still there beyond confusion or speculation. 

What drives us…. Influences?


Beyond all “storylines”, that are told to us…. That we read…. That we take on…. That we are forced into….. 

Truth …. Is beyond that….. The story that replays in our mind is a destruction and a distraction.

I believe in truth. Even if I don’t know it. 

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