I will never understand 

I am sitting here scrolling trough my Facebook, and just in the first 20ins, I have seen a meme of RKelly being called out for being a child molestor, report of a female teacher who had sex with her student and a child that was gang rapped live on Facebook while people watched and no one did anything or called the cops

Turn on the TV any other day and Doctor Phil is talking about child abuse or molestation and I am sitting her being called a child molestor all day everyday by some spirit, when there is actual child abusers out there. If anything I have only wanted to protect children to the best or my capabilities. 

Now as I write this the entity said, ” you are uncovering them”. But my logical thought is that if that is true then why would this entity want me to commit suicide? So its just more bullshit for this entity to run so it can insert itself into my life. Give false meanings. Confusion. 

So why am I (someone who would NEVER hurt a child) sitting here being called a child molest or and being told to kill myself when there are actual child abusers out there? 

Sometimes I’m strong through this ….. Sometimes I just break down and cry. Its not helping one either way. 

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