Questions & Opinions …

I never asked anyone what they would do in my situation.

Q: You love your job, coworkers, interns (teens), community, and one day out of no where a voice starts to call you a child molestor every moment of the day. What do you do? 

I quit my job, because I couldn’t be around children while I was having this experience. I sought help, spiritually…. Medically. Nothing helped. But I gave up part of what I love, my identity, my creativity, my joy to address this. 

But what would you do?

Was I supposed to “preserver” as the voice has said? How do you push through something like that? There has been no end in sight. 

Why me? As someone who adores children wants to create a world where they are safe…. Why me? As someone who was working with teens to make the community better…. Why me? I always wonder if I actually flipped my shit at my job (I suffered in silence for months hoping it would go away) when I look back and think…..  wonder if I really flipped my shit and went complete psycho and believed the dulluisions to the point of reaction? Its scary. But I left.

The voice didn’t.

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  1. I’ve had the voices call me something similar. I’ve had meds meditation and healthy living and therapy, I find the odd person online brace enough to share similar experiences which I find helps a lot. I went through about 7 years of hell but with with preserving and effort the voices are mostly quite and I now have very little intrusive thoughts. Read this link this morning about woman who had intrusive thought about her baby , thought you might be interested.


    1. I would suggest googling intrusive thoughts on the internet it seems there are courses online to help deal with this sort of thing but they seemed to be linked with OCD but might be worth a look. I looked a few years ago and found absolutely nothing. Best of luck


      1. Thank you! You are brave and strong! Part of my worry is being stuck with this thing even in the after life. This voice doesn’t want me to have kids …. And I couldn’t imagine doing so with a voice calling me a child molester all day.

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