Reading on Kundalini from FB Group

​“18. Drupada, and the sons of Draupadi, and the son of Subhadra, O Lord of earth, all sounded their respective conches.


Concentrated pure love and omniscience, kundalini shakti’s chakra manifestations and their qualities, were also expressive.


Krishna, as the driver of Arjuna’s chariot with white horses, symbolizes the indwelling Spirit of God as the soul in control of the purified senses.

When the devotee’s attention turns inward during meditation, Om, the primordial sound may be heard. Om is evidence of the reality of God because it flows from the Field of God. It is heard internally, flowing from the soul. Here, Om is portrayed as Krishna’s horn or trumpet, with which he produces a commanding sound to make his presence known to both the qualities of virtue and the tendencies of the deluded mind.

Before the sound of Om is heard, other sound frequencies emanating from the kundalini-enlivened chakras may be perceived: buzzing like disturbed bees from the base chakra, the note of a flute at the second chakra, the resonance of a harp at the third chakra, the peal of a gong at the fourth chakra, and the mixture of sounds at the cervical chakra. A variety of sounds may be discerned as various prana influences interact and their forces manifest. By merging awareness in these sounds until the clear stream of Om is heard (and is eventually transcended), the accomplished meditator successfully withdraws feelings and attention from physical and mental phenomena and experiences progressive stages of superconscious perception:


• Preliminary superconscious (samadhi) experiences related to the base chakra are of somewhat clear comprehension mixed with mental confusion and doubt about the validity of the perception.

• Superconscious experience related to the sacral chakra is characterized by steadier concentration and improved comprehension of what is being experienced.

• Superconscious experience related to the lumbar chakra is characterized by improved concentration and a sense of elation because of emerging signs of Self-mastery.

• Superconscious experience related to the dorsal chakra is characterized by awareness of egocentric self-consciousness dissolving to allow apprehension of oneness or wholeness.

• Superconscious experience related to the throat chakra is characterized by awareness and knowledge that all conditions which formerly obscured realization of the soul nature are being overcome or transcended. This allows true Self-knowledge or realization.

• Superconscious experience related to the spiritual eye and crown chakra allows spontaneous unfoldment of knowledge of knowledge of God and of cosmic processes, and realization of pure consciousness.”
Excerpt From: Roy Eugene Davis. “The Eternal Way.” CSA Press, 2011-08-18. iBooks. 

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