Entity Catch Phrases ⏪▶⏩

  • (Do) You know who you are(?)
  • Everyone dies (Feb 2017)
  • My eyes are your eyes (2016)
  • I am not the one to play with! 
  • Go Home
  • You loose
  • No one will buy her
  • I have to admit it……(usually just repeats it over and over) 
  • Why are you even here?
  • Take my place
  • I thank you in advance (said it gets you whatever you want)
  • Don’t say my name/ Say my name (have no idea what his name is then will say his name is my exes)
  • Come see me / you have to see me lto get rid of this)
  • You will NEVER see me again (2016)
  • I hope you never have eyes (early 2016)
  • I hope she sees (Feb 2017) 
  • God damn it
  • God bless
  • So glad you rose! (2016) 
  • Wait till you see me pay/now I pay
  • You must pay
  • I just got made
  • Last year here
  • I told you to wait one year
  • I don’t care how long it takes (not sure what this means at all)
  • I’m gonna get fired
  • Die of molestation (2016)
  • Do you know how blessed/lucky you are?

Half …..well all of the time I have no idea what he “the entity” is talking about. I mean I know what the words mean but they are always encryptic and don’t make sense.

I tried to figure out where from my subconscious mind these might have came from but most of them are not apart of my everyday life. For instance I have never said god damn or god bless. I have said “bless you” when someone sneezes.

The entity also says I’m not suppose to tell anyone. And most of the gurus and healers say I’m fine ………….. I m not OK and far from fine. 

There are many other repeated things it says like “you’re ugly” “fat” ect but those are normal sub conscious stuff the ones I listed above have me puzzled…. I have no idea what to make of it. 

The entity has asked me a few times “do you accept me as your lord and savior”, (nah) but its strange cause the entity said it doesn’t believe in God, yet says God bless, and that I am “blessed”, which for a while I thought it was a curse because he said it so much. I believe in God and haven’t used either terms ever I’m my life.


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