Dolla Dolla Bill$

Our society is so…….in constant conflict down to our cells. 

During this “journey” over the course of a year or so….. I have done so much research and have gone to so many healers looking for answers to my current situations.

All the information/ pathways cost money anywhere from a few bucks to thousands. Be it spiritual or medical. 

Don’t get me wrong I understand the concept of time and money in the material world as an artist, but at the same time…. How did we handle our “spiritual journey” kundalini, awakening, rites of passage ect in ancient times….. Or not so ancient times just in different cultures?

People are in desperate need of tools of understanding and being understood. If we are truly here to raise the vibration and save humanity. But I’ve always been wide eyes and fearless …. Probably what got mee in this mess in the first place. 

As someone who currently does not have the money to pay for another service that may or may not work and is drowning in a sea of information with an entity laughing at me while I try to keep my head above water…. I’m unsure what direction to go.

I’ve always been a student of life, but right now ….. With this entity….. I’m at a wall. I need guidance, assistance, help, community, someone who understands and can help me make sense. 

I’m not use and will never be use to these thoughts, images, sensations. How do you wake up one day and you’re in an awakening. One month you are OK and the next falling down a rabbit hole. 

The entity says all the time: I’m not done yet. 

Services say they can remove, spiritual groups say accept my karma or fate …. How is an entity attachment karma? Promise you I didn’t sign up for this shit. 

Listening to spiritual stuff use to get jazzed …. But now in my time of need… I can’t truly rely on the spiritual community only my own sense and a couple of people who didn’t let me jump. Most are just a pat on the back. 

How did we handle this as a culture before? Did we pay shamans or did you just go see shaman? Were rituals and prayers built into our everyday life so our mere existence was a song to God. That the four walls of any sanctuary or temple was for solitude or communion. I think you get what I’m saying. 

People talk about religion and wars and misinformation but what about spirituality and capitalism? Our society is not set up for the proper spiritual growth. I feel stuck. 

The entity said I’m fucked up for saying this.

Either way. As I said …. I understand this is peoples life work, mission, bread and butter. And at the same time I’m the Five of pentacles outside the sanctuary wanting to be inside …. Wanting to know….. 

What’s wrong with me?


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