Dating: Vegan Assholes

The entity gave me a dream of a 3D Simpson movie coming out focused on Lisa…. But I doubt it. 

Other then that, I’m looking into compassionate depossesion. 

Other then that, the entity told me long time ago don’t eat meat which I use to be vegetarian before it forced me to move to my parents house that eats unhealthy and has meat at every meal. I know veggie is best for me but its just more convenient to just eat with the family…. I don’t enjoy cooking like I use to. 

Anyway, dude (he is vegan) I was seeing is still texting me. He wants to talk it out but I’m kinda done with it. That whole DTF? thing just topped it for me cause clearly he doesn’t have respect. 

How are you a vegan and still an asshole? You have enough respect for random ass animals not to eat them but no respect for the life and body that’s in front of you. Fuck that! 


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