Inner “Dialogue”

People have talked about the “inner dialogue” and up until last year I thought it was just when you kinda talk to yourself in your head, maybe had a stressful day … But its just you….. Thinking…. Venting…. Figuring things out. 

But it wasn’t until 2016 it was an on going non stop inner and outer dialogue. Constant debating of my thoughts, twisting, manipulating. There is this dialogue that I’m tired of yet I can not or haven’t learned how to stop engaging in. 

And its halting my life. Kundalini or not. It influences (attracts) and hinders (what I want) in my life.

I told this entity maybe we can learn to live together. In a way I was accepting him but I couldn’t do the disgusting images anymore. 1. They hurt 2. I don’t want to fucking see them! 

For a week or so things where OK. And then he decided to do his night terror and show me a gross image. I don’t know what triggered him or why. 

But I tried. But I can’t live like this any more (especially at this difficult time with my family) and at the same time deserve to create my life God willing. 


One thought on “Inner “Dialogue”

  1. Sorry to hear your difficulties. I also see horrific images as part of my symptoms. I have come to see them as reenactments of abuse I suffered as a kid with me as the bad guy. I find them very disturbing. I have read that this can be part of the symptoms people suffer and is not that uncommon in abuse victims. I wish you the best in dealing with it.


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