In my Element

I’m not in my element at all. 

I have no real space of my own. I’m not in my natural “environment of healing” or better yet I am unable to create it because this is not my home and all I have is a bed. Which I am thankful for. 

Normally I would retreat to my mind …. Set up alters ….wonder around looking for herbs to cure…. But I was met with a monster that showed up last year and hasn’t left since. 

I haven’t found a place to retreat physically or mentally to catch my breath and heal.

How do I heal and practice healing in an environmant that does not support it? In a world, in a country,in a city, in a house, in a body, in a mind with a spirit that does not support ….healing.

What does healing look like? Feel like? 

Healing feels like home. Feels like happiness, feels like accomplishment.


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