What is kundalini or sub conscious…… And what is some other shit? 
I reeeeeally want to say this is some soul star chakra, kundalini, sub conscious collective purging…….  BELIEVE me I do.  I really really do. Really….. 

At the same time I know some things won’t make sense. At the same time there is a… . a point where I can only identify this as outside influence. The “entity”. 

Today the entity said…. (Referencing the number 9 for completion) “believe me you are not complete”

Me: “I know” but I also thought about my ex “twin flame”at that moment. 

Entity: “well I guess you have to die of molestation” saying because I thought of my ex in a romantic way that I must suffer. 

Me: huh? 

So I’m confused if I try to forget about him, I’m constantly reminded of him every 30mins. If I think about him in a loving way I am suppose to “die of molestation” 😦. Same thing happens if I pray to God. 

So…. How do I even settle this? How do I exit the matrix of these themes that have been going on for a year? I’m done ….. I know I’m done. 


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