PS. Stay Blessed

I have never in my entire adult conscious life have ever heard the term “blessed” so much in my life. 2016 brought upon this term at a questionable amount in my life. To the point I was weirded out to even say “bless you” when someone sneezed. 

Is it a new term? Is it the new “love and light”. I figure both. 

The Entity Eli would say, “God Bless” aaaaaaaaallllllllll the time all day mainly in the spring of 2016 while I was at my job. But he says he doesn’t believe in God…. So…. ? 😞

I believe in God….. And never used the term “God Bless” ever! Neither “Blessings” “blessed and highly favored” “stay blessed” “#blessed” “feeling blessed”. OK maybe ONCE! Years ago on a Facebook post. 

But everywhere I turn after this entity  said “God Bless” and said it meant the opposite/a curse, that I now feel some type way about it. My mom even said it for the first time today and I freaked out. In my head I’m like you have never used the term blessed before. 

So all I can do is stand firm in my faith in God. And allow all the other bull fall away. If “blessings” is a curse or not, doesn’t matter….. Its just not a term I use. I’m not saying it’s wrong.

It was just an observation.


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