Peace Out

So…… What happens now? 

Will I have to rebuild again?

Where is peace? What does it sound like? 

Is it safe to love? Is it safe to trust?

Everything and myself….. 

What happens now?

What is surrendering? Cause I was held captive for a year and a half by the nameless and the formless. Does it ever make sense? Do we ever find peace together?

Does it need to make sense? 

It’s poetic in a way. Painful and poetic. 

What exactly am I accepting? 

What does shedding feel like? Purging?

I don’t feel any less…. I feel more…. That my wounds conglomerated into a beast that chased me all around the city. 

I ran……. 

I ran for my life. To the edge of the state. Only to be met with more waves. Suicide. 

I don’t know you. 

Only you know me. 

I don’t see you. 

Only you see me…..

Inverted by what matters. 

Do mirrors lie? 

Much like maps.

Much like lips? 

Like echoes that make you think someone is there? 

Much like being alone? 

Am I alone? 

Alone in a city…..

Constantly being g watched….


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