I’m not a super religious person. With this entity debating my faith and during the course of this experience I had to call on my faith in God and strengthen my faith in Jesus . however I do study or at least try to understand other ideologies and the interconnectedness between them. But there is always a ….. Wall … Or a locked door that I arrive at. 

I was listening to a stream on alchemy and the speaker was talking about transcending the earth …. I started to think about Jesus… The idea that he could heal others, yet did not heal himself while he was on the cross, to exemplify human suffering but also gods love in sharing a being of that nature with us at that time… that he rose and transcended the earth…. He never died. And that if we believe that ….. we can too. We say its “past lives” ….. Or heaven…. But wonder if we got it all mixd up? Too literal?

We try to wrap out minds around what this is..  Speculate on judgment day…. The rapture …. When and how. But wonder if its personal? Wonder if it is silent to all around you. Individually tailored to you. Yes others could be going through something similar …. But not your exact course. We are taught to fear judgment day…. Rapture…. Instead of embracing it. Fear keeps you controlled. I mean fear does have its purpose currently… But its a means of control. You could embrace the situation with love … In love. Wonder. Faith. 

But I could be wrong.

Just some thoughts that came up for me. I can never say I know exactly. I guess I’m trying to understand the symbols, archetypes, teachings and messages of this world. With out clinging to them as absolute truth. 


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