Deliver us from all evil

Laying in bed and I was wondering if the devil/snake that convinced Eve to eat the apple was the “reptilian”/ dark shadow/ part of our brain? What sparked this to even happen? There had to have been a catalyst before the snake approached her. I wonder.

If God is everything, God created everything and the devil is a part of God. God could wipe the devil out in a milla second. God showed compassion to Satan for allowing him to even exist. Should we do the same? We opt for “Satan not today!” ….how about ever… How about Satan ….. Never? 

Whether it is a part of our psychology personified OR an actual demon, spirit, alien makes no difference to the experience other than the fact that “its not real”. But it feels so real, and has affected our lives substantially.

I’m kinda over the polarity and duality, I know there needs to be “contrast” but instead of black and white wonder if we thought in rainbows like the sparkly part of a fresh cut diamond? Nah what I mean?

I know Gods plan is perfect but I’m just saying .. ..  Wondering. Am I allowed to wonder? 


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