I spoke with a woman from a group I’m in and she calmed me down a bit…. 
She is amazing and I will forever be grateful for her just listening…

(Side note: my skull just made cracking noise/ and feeling you know like sinus pressure…. False alarm the entity wanted me to think it was being released 😩😒)

After we spoke I wondered if there were other feelings….. I have heard that most every emotion stems from love or fear.

Its this or that… Or up or down… Black or whit….. And I’m like not just the in between…. Wonder if there are feelings we can feel completely outside of polarity? Ways of living that didn’t drive us to be disaligned?

That has nothing to do with conflicting each other? 

Its the fight? Right? The battle? The test of strength? Endurance? Survival of the fittest? And even the strongest of animals have become exstincted…. 

Wonder if there was a way that at best complimented each other? Harmonized….wonder if there was something better than harmonizing?

Duality…. There is a better way than duality. 


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