The disgusting visions are now seeping into my dreams. 

I didn’t even use to dream everyday. Now I have dreams everyday. They feel different… The vibe…. Less magical than I remember from only maybe 2 years ago. 

They are over runned with people now. Very few I know.

They are also violent, some I am being raped. Sleep poralasys…. 

Some involve my ex…. Which I never use to have dreams with people I know in it. 

The demon is upset that I am talking to people about what us happening to me… I had a long talk with my mom yesterday.

Today was the first time he put child abuse in my sleeping dream where I didn’t have as much control.

I’m growing tired. I have no more tears. 

He said, “let this be a lesson for sleeping so much.” Even though I know its not. I have slept a lot to escape him awake. 

But there is no excuse for the images he shows me. He is not upset that I sleep he is upset that I am not being quiet about what is happening to me.

He said that if I talk about it that I will be labeled as a child molestor… And never be able to work with kids again. 

After all this bullshit I don’t see myself being able to work with youth and I don’t care what anyone lablez me as because I know who the fuck and what the fuck I am and that ain’t it.


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