Now I need you to be gay

Even though I identified as queer, I am no longer attracted to women really….but who knows. 

The spirit is now telling me “I need you be gay”. I don’t really identify as gay or lesbian anymore even though I had found my community that way. He is saying I should go back to my queer partner (before my ex) , and be gay. Because this spirit said “dont want a new one.” 

He still flashes me disgusting images, never shuts up. “That’s for taking your ex (non gay)  away from me!” Which doesn’t make sense because before that he used my ex for disgusting images. 

He now wants me to call him Astroth. Which is not going to happen at all and all these games and fear bullshit is lame. 

A new curse is “Trances” which is usually right before I go to sleep and he fills with random stuff that usually doesn’t make sense (not that anything makes much sense anyway). I’m am disoriented, I have tried to open my eyes during these moments ant the room spinns. 


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