Again and Again

Last night I made a post in a group talking about my experience. Some people were shocked some people were in agreement and some people said its just my ego getting the better of me. 

I had a few people reach out to check on me which was nice of them. 

Today after my doctor appointment I went to lay down and the entity started again with the sick visuals. I tried not to let it get the bes of me said “clear /remove” ( who knows if it works) …. But now because the twin flame store is officially dead he is trying to really turn up the “child molestation” fear. And its really pissing me off. 

I made an appointment to a therapist and honestly I do not care if anyone pins me as shit because I know who the fuck I am…. And what the fuck I am not.

Last year he did the same thing showing me sick images trying to convince me it was my ex “false twin flame” that got hurt as a child.

He said he can “turn up” the images if he really wanted to (brightness, vividness ect) 

I’m tired of this shit. I had a healing session that didn’t do anything and he said it was “gay” and also called the practioner a pedophile as well.

He said he wants me to go “crazy”…. “Pay for my ex” (which is bs because it did this every time I was single).. All this insanity and I feel bad for this thing but at the same time …. I’m pissed that I actually have to be tortured with this sick shit when there are actual pedophiles and sexual abusers out in the world.

I’m not perfect… But what the fuck?!

I’m trying to keep faith that this will end…. That he will stop trying to energetically rape me as I sleep…. Stop showing me sick shit …. Like its a fucking nightmare….

How the fuck is this ascension? Awakening? 

I’m tired…….. I’m trying to find something that will make this go away. Ive tried every path… And I need to find someone or something to release this thing. Its so fucking sick.

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