Healing session 

I received a healing session today.

He was upset that I was getting the session and said that it was “gay” and this is “not him” meaning he didn’t want to “play” with this session or the healer. 

While the session was going on the entity wanted to know what certain words meant. The healer actually told him. 

After the session the entity continued to try to fill my head with thoughts that are not my own and or not aligned with my thinking. 

When he associates certain words/ phases/ images with people he says “I love how that plays

Or if I ignore him he says, “why did you let that play”.

As the night progressed he kept trying to agitate me by talking about my ex, my mom, and child abuse. There were other topics (marriage, kids, self image) but those where the main ones he used to “reel me back in”. I kept saying the release technique that healer gave me during the session, but my calm wore off in about 2-3 hours.

I try to click off and ignore him but some how always get reeled back in. Then realize that he is lonely and wants to make me play his “games”. 

He keeps saying I’m gonna go, but never does, he keeps saying I’m done, your done, I’m not done yet…. And still never leaves. 

I felt good after the session, but he is still here and I am 100% if not more ready and willing to release him. 


Quick dream sleep poralisis, vivid jazz music, was mad about the small black slug I visualized him as, was worried about my sister cause I heard a noise, couldn’t get up. “Lights out curse” before sleep. 

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