This is how I get you every time

It had been as frequent. The images. 

Although the entity tried to remind me of how I masterbated as a child. And shame me for it even though til this day it doesn’t bother me. I was a child it happened. 

I guess that wasn’t enough. Just yelling all day for me to “die of child molestation”. Among other things. 

However the entity did it again …. Showed me images I would rather not see…. When I try to have my own imagination they aren’t as clear so why this one? 

I’m trying to stay strong. 

It said, “this is how I get you every time.”

Earlier today he was trying to argue with me about Buddha because I was looking for text that explained that Buddha was shown visions of “gods” and women tortured with monsters or the Mara and still he didn’t move.

He argued all day explaining I needed to “pick one” religion!

I’m trying to stay strong.


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