The nightmares before I sleep

A few years ago I would hear …. Like many voices like I was flipping through a bunch of channels it was only before I would go to sleep. I thought that it was because I worked with a lot of people in a large city. But then looked it up and it said it was common as a way for peoples brains to “decompress”. 

That stopped since the “entity” made himself known. It has happen maybe twice since he made himself known this year. 

Before I sleep he now shows  me images that are not mine or created by my imagination right before I go to sleep. I use to take a LOT of benadryl to help me pass out so I didn’t have to deal with it. (Amount other things along with his constant ramblings) 

The ramblings are beyond worry, or anxiety, they are full on dialogs, whether I check out of them or not.

I hate taking drugs but benadryl is the only way I could cope with the images, voice and body stuff. 


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