It Was Me (new “game”)

The new game is “It was me“. 

The “entity” spirit wants to make it seem like I cursed my family or that I hurt people with my mere existence.

He will plant “seeds” thoughts/ then ask if it “was me or you?“.

If something “bad” happens or something in my everyday life aggitates me, he will  say “it was me” to feel powerful.

“Do you accept this?” He asked me.

My answer has always been NO.

I will not say that I always know which “thoughts” or suggestions are always me, between me (already racing thoughts) and the “entity” (constant chatter) its hard to say all the time. 

But for the most part…. I know who I am, I know what’s in my heart, I know my essense. I am not saying I am perfect…. But I will not allow certain things into my life (is thoughts that are not mine, perverting thoughts and everyday experiences) 

“If you don’t want to except it then go home” he said, insinuating I should kill myself.

My guess ….. the point of this game is to eventually, “confuse” (which its been doing a pretty too job at) to point of being able to pevert/twist my thoughts and accept them as me own (not to say I’ve never had a perverted thought ever).

I’m just tired of this thing trying to tell me what to do, how to be, feel and think.

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