Break Down

Today I was lying in bed after taking a long walk to get some ingredients for a spiritual bath. It was difficult to walk down the street because he kept pointing out children and saying I was a pediphile for looking straight ahead. I found a book bag on the bus and found then school the book bag belonged to and returned it so that the family didn’t have to go through the trouble trying to find it through the bus depot. He said now I cursed that child. 

While I was laying down the entity/ thing started showing me images of sexual abuse again. I havent had sex with anyone, I stopped seeing people to make it stop. But he keeps calling me a pediphile keeps showing me images of sexual abuse of people I have never seen before.

He will bring up my ex, then sex (with other people), then pediphile, then show me some image of sexual abuse. Then I will feel pressure of my head or other parts of my body.

I had a break down because I’m tired and my mom came over to console me. It won’t stop. It has nothing to do with not having sex with anyone. Because I’m not. It has nothing to do with my “sins” because this has nothing to do with me other than it being a fear. It keeps trying to hide behind mybex even though I “gave him up”. 

The entity wants me to unblock my ex so he can have more “play” with him and turn his response into something else. So then he says “I guess you want to be a pediphile”. 

He told me to stop writing about my experience as well and he will “stop the pediphile play“. But he doesn’t stop. 

So it doesn’t matter if I give up my ex or not. It doesn’t matter if I stop writing or not. Stop having sex or not. Move out or not. Do anything right or not, he will always go back to “pediphile play” to make me go “crazy”. 

He said he,  “Doesn’t care about anything, I want to make you go crazy” 

That’s what you get for messing with I” he interchanges between using my ex’s name or “I”. 

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