The Space in Between

So I’ve noticed that this “entity” thing, pops out when I’m in between housing, job and relationships which usually all at the same time. 
Its done this twice before. 

I think about the space in between…. Dimensions, realities…. The space between people…. time…. And may or may not be there. 

God is good.

The discernment between what is me and what is not. What “floats” in between matter.

Why this entity wants a grasp on my consciousness, my mind, my energy I still have yet to understand.

If this “entity” thing, has its own beliefs, own energy, own life force then why would it need me? Or to be around me? 

This thing also is trying to force me to believe that there is no God. And while God may be inconceivable to me and my mind. I still have faith. 

If there was no God, then why would this thing try to make me think otherwise? Why would it inturupt me while I pray to my God? Since it lies all day, why would it try to convince me there is no God, or make it seem as if he was my God?

The space between God and I ….. 

? There is a lot in between.

But my faith is strong. 

Maybe stronger than ever.

My path, my journey, my choices between God and I. 


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