Wool over my eyes

I see sparkles/orbs/flashes of lights from the “entity”… I use to think they were angels but really it was a “curse” or some sort of magic trick to make me do/feel/see/smell/think something in advance.

The entity took my “happy place”. Its difficult for me to image the things I enjoy imagining, like listening to music and picturing beautiful choreography. 

I notice when this is difficult there is this energy atoundvmy eyes …. Almost feel or seems like pulsating. Its easier for the “entity” to flash images of people cartoons and other things that I wish to not see. They are almost like a waking dream … Even if I open my eyes the image is still strong. 

When I was at the beach, where ibonce saw beautiful patterns in nature they turned to hearts …. And penises 😩😒. 

One night I had a strong visual where was a flash of light a perfect square above my campsite then I saw a images of “shadow figures”, there were other things that happened but for the sake of visuals I will leave it at that. 

He said he want to take away my creativity.


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