Running out of Games

After this entity was revealed not to be my “twin flame”/ ex, it has attempted to latch on to all my weak spots. Still trying to act like my ex, still treating my mother.

Its played almost every person in my life in one way or another to “shame” me even when or if shame or guilt was not there.

Sometimes I fall into the trap of my ex. I miss him. But I have to stay strong as to not allow this thing to consume me more than it already has. 

My energy is depleted. 

He has gotten “quieter” but still talks all day and night. Still does things to my body, still pursued my thoughts, flashes images, curses, still bargains still plays games.

I looked for help and he tried to use that person as a “play” as well role playing with himself to scare me from contacting this person again.

Since many of their other games have played out and he latches on to a few story lines he will switch between a few different ones through out the day in which he ,”thanks me in advance” for. 

  • My Ex (“twin flame”)
  • My Mom (guilt)
  • Forcing me to moving away for my mom or my ex interchangeable.
  • Dying of sexual abuse
  • “Getting Made” – basically talking shit/ whonhas the better comback argument back and forth. Being put to “shame”. Shade. 
  • “Paying” (“karma” bs)
  • There are a few others

What’s strange is that this language, lingo or concepts…. many of them are not even mine or ones that I use…. So its difficult to say this is mental illness. 

    Honestly as much as this thing uses my ex’s name and image I hope that there is no manifestation on his part. I wrotey ex telling a little bit about what was happening, just in case the same thing was happening to him. But I also blocked him so I couldn’t receive a message back. Not so much because I didn’t want to be triggered, but because I didn’t want anymore “storyline” for this entity to latch on to. He is constantly begging me to unblock him from my email. But I won’t, and never will. Maybe one day I will be able to explain everything that happened but for now, this is what I have to do. 

    At times I wonder why this thing is obsessed with my ex and I . He wanted to feel powerful…. Cool. He needed a way back in. 

    He constantly screams and gets himself agitated over the smallest things, unless he wants to be “sexual” with me energetically (which is why I thought he was an incubus). 

    In a way I’m starting to think they are all the same thing, just different masks. “Demons”, “incubus”, “entity”, “ghosts”, “aliens” ect… All just playing with people for fun.

    But only God knows. 

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