“Feelings”+. “Energy”

The thing said that “energy is illusionary”. I disagree.

I noticed that when he puts me in “fear”, I have this need to go smoke. When when he sexually zaps my energy or makes me I have this need to go eat. Or its the impulse is to go do anything after this thing plays with me. 

While I know that some of the “feelings” that this thing tries to impose are not normal fight or flight feelings. They do not feel like the ones I am use to. While I am able to learn something from them, I know they are false.

This includes the feelings I had for my ex who I thought was my twin flame. I felt out of control, because I was. Because the feeling wasn’t normal or how I am use to acting. And what worried me was that I couldn’t shake it. 

The thing said he “turned me all the way up” when I was with my ex which was closer to lust and obession (as much as I wanted it to be love, or turn into it). This is much similar to to how this entity “turned me all the way off”, by threatening me with hyper sexuality, and extremely grostesque thoughts (it worked, but hasn’t stopped him from doing so). 

Today, made me have a dream about masterbating in front of everyone, even controlled what I said in my dreams.

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