More Bullshit

“This is your last year in NYC” he said. 

“Go ahead debunk the whole twin flame thing” he said.

“People probably need it, rather than going through this hyper sexualization” I said.

“People are probably going through it already because you are suppose to be MARRIED!”the thing said. 

“People don’t want to get married anymore.” I said. 

“Why do you think that is?” The thing said. 

“Probably because dark energy comes in a fucks it up anyway”I said. 

“Ok you’re married, you are married” the thing said. 


This thing tries to dangle things/wants/ status quo in order to make me continue to deal with this bull shit. 

“Wait till you see me pay!” He said. 

Sometimes he threatens to “pay back”to my ex. Other times he makes it seems like my ex will pay for a wedding. Or other things he thinks I want. 

I don’t want ANYTHING from this thing at all after what I went/am going through.

It doesn’t equate. It was a disgusting experience. GROSS and wanting something out of it is not ok. For me. 


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