Next Steps

I’ve been wanting to warn my loved ones about what I am going through with this entity. At the same time I don’t want to scare anyone into to actually giving thought/ energy to this thing.

I’ve been wanting to warn my ex as well. Because for so long it has foretold things my ex was going to do (like contact me, things on his Facebook). So I don’t know if this thing afflicted my ex as well. 

Now it is practicing my mothers voice, now that I “gave up” my ex formerly reffer to as my twin flame. He threatening my mothers well being, which she is currently recovering from a heart attack. 

Complete isolation. To what means I’m unsure.

I also at the same time I do not want to contact my ex and make another connection. Once he called me and told me that he mistakenly said my name to his girlfriend a few times, i also know he heard “telepathy” one time cause he responded to a random question I asked my mind, and a few times this thing told me to get off the phone with a guy I was talking to and my ex called, also called me a HoneyTree for a few weeks and my ex sent me a song called the honey tree which he said was his fav song. We were broken up for a while then. He also called me another time and asked if i was feeling paranoid or something else (which was random) so I don’t know if he was feeling paranoid and trying to see if I was feeling the same way or trying to command this thing. 

Again i am unsure what it all means with this thing. I dont know if this thing is afflicting me and him, just me and not him. Part of me wants to let him know… other part doesn’t want to look anymore cray than I feel or again create another cord of connection to him.

Even though I “let go” and gave up my ex, this thing keeps trying to latch itself in the concept of this man. While still to threatening my family.

I mean I’m not afraid, annoyed at best.

You want to pass the test?…. Move away!!!!!” He just said.

You gonna go night night because you won’t stop smoking.”

There is no test, karma is bullshit… At least this version. This thing frivolously latches on to whatever he can in my life. The flow of karma energy and lessons do not have the same frantic energy.

I have been in situations where I later realize that wow even though the situation wasn’t ideal for me I understand where the other person was coming from. It may take a few weeks… May take years. But “karma” doesn’t need a “show” or a “play” or to feel “powerful”. Karma just an understanding of another point of veiw through an experience.

So now I am alone. 

I am ready to fight. 

I am me. 

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