Gave up “Twin Flame”

I gave up the concept of my twin flame. He is just my ex. And the only reason there was telepathy and synchronicities was because there was an “entity” attached to me or him that is watching me (which is gross) and that wanted to play/ control me. 

Not here for my highest good. 

I gave it every name to understand what is and was happening to me. I gave up the trying to understand it completely. I don’t do energy work so I will never understand… Just the symptoms. 

This entity keeps trying to make me agree to terms, conditions, promises and uses my fears to “get his way” for play. He still acts like my ex, (voice, voice gestures, tag lines, life events, as well as flashing thoughts or images of him = obsessive thinking) . But really he knows nothing about him. 

When I finally removed myself objectively from the obsessive thoughts. Then he tried to “reel me back in” through jealousy (flashing images of him with other women), longing or any other emotion that deals with heart break.

(I see sparkles all around me as I write this)

Once I removed myself from my ex, he is now threatening my family “Lord have mercy” is my mothers tag line. He keeps trying (yes there is some fear there) of my mother passing or another health scare, especially after he foretold my mom having a heart attack week(s) prior, along with my sister health scare and grandmothers passing. 

“If you don’t move away “Lord Have Mercy””, leaving my family at this time is not a good decision. Especially since he “blessed” me and my house (which means the opposite). And while I do fear that my presence may cause something to happen its a double edge sword. I stay something happens and my family needs me, I leave something happens immediately or eventually and my family needs me. And the “guilt” if not being there or leaving my family at one of our darkest hours would be played on. But the fact remains that this entity is still here.

Move away for your ex“, insinuates that once I move my ex will come back and we will have sex. He said he is bored here. 

Move away or die of child molestation”, which means he shows me sick images as I try to go to sleep or as I wake up. 

Move away or lord have mercy

Other than being here for my family, the only reason that I’m not moving is because this shit has to stop. No more agreements, promises, contracts, conditions. I have complied to many of the demands (in hopes that it would go away) before and yet this curse, this spirit is still here. Wants everyone to be dead inside, no fucks to give, no love, no light, numb.

If this was for my highest good, If this was Gods work, then there wouldn’t have to be any terms or conditions, there would be no threathing of my families welfare, there would be no dangling of material things, it would just be.

This entity tries to make himself, or tries to convince me he is God. Which is strange because he says he doesn’t believe in God.

So now that I don’t hang on to my ex anymore, and I gave up my apartment, my job, my possessions, now he is latching on to my family. Still dangling my ex, because he likes to act like him.

I fight as much as I can, peeling away the layers of bullshit.


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