Feeling bad for my Ex. 

Once I realized that this spirit entity had been attached to me since I was maybe 16 I can recall. 

I realized that a lot of my “spiritual experiences” were orchestrated by this spirit attachment. Seeing shadows, sparkles, emotions, hearing spirits, ect.

I blamed the shit out of my ex who I called my twin flame. I blamed him for everything because I fell for a real and didn’t use discernment. I didn’t know myself …. But I have to be accountable of how I acted in the relationship. 

But that wasn’t really were the problem was. I allowed for this spirit entity, a year layer wrap his fingers around my throat, squeezing the life out of me in the name of my ex. I cursed his name, in my mind. I called him every name in the book to peel his grip on me. Only to find out it wasn’t him….. It wasn’t my ex.

It was just some entity trying to have fun. “A year of fear” he said. Lord knows if that actually means a year. I feel bad because this thing is attached to me, and if it hurts me …. Wonder if it hurts my partner. 

I just feel bad that I blamed this whole experience on him thinking he actually did some voodoo curse on me when really it was just this entity finding a way to play with me.

I will never know the spiritual repercussions of such negativity. All I know is what I am going through and I would never wish this on anyone. Fuck “spiritual growth”. 

I have accepted that my ex is never coming back. I have accepted my part in that…. But I do not accept this spirit that is attached to me and interference in my life.


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