So on my YouTube a woman “came out” as schizophrenic, she spoke authentically about her struggle with it and I genuinely appreciated her openness about talking about mental health as I was diagnosed as Schizophrenic as well. 

I took the meds and prayed for the best. 

While mental health is a topic that is rising socially (examples kid cudi and kanye, solange) it is important that we are understanding to each others delemas. 

And while I don’t necessarily wear the schizophrenic badge with honor, I have a hard time connecting with it as my experience has been slightly different. 

The only differences for me would be;

  • The voice using words/ concepts I don’t know.
  • The spirit “foretelling” the future. (Ie. My sister, my mother, my grandma having health crisis, signs  from my Twin flame)

I mean this whole year has been insane seprerate from hearing a voice/ spirit. Then add on top of that my own world crumbling and my spiritual/ mental world imploding ……. its been overwhelming.


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