Go Away

After asking this spirit to leave for months, “I thank you in advance for this play, why would I go away if I thank you in advance?” 

I prayed for protection of me and my family. I asked that God remove all evil and anything that is not for my highest good. Anything that distorts my relationship to God. Continue to heal my family and my sister through these turbulent times. 

The spirit continued to try to change my my prayer (words while im praying) in order to feel like he has control. He has even prayed but negated God and Jesus. 

He asked, “Why “lord have mercy””, My mother says lord have mercy a lot. “Lord have mercy will go away.” He insinuated that my mom will pass or something like that. I got scared after he had said things about my sister and my grandma passing and my mom getting sick. I got scared. 

This spirit seems to get mad after I pray. Says I’m praying the wrong way. Ect. Wants to encourage me not to pray and makes it seem like I am only bringing strife into my loved ones life by just existing. 

“I’m almost done.” He said but he says that everyday. 

“You’ll wish that you didn’t play”, but he has been playing with me for years once I realized certain things. 

I tried to stay calm all day. But I don’t know if he allows me to go about thinking things will get better only to pop out and scare me for fun. Fear.

Then he continues to say “he’s thanking me in advance for killing myself.”

“You pay, omg you pay”

“God bless everyone!!”

“I’m not saying anything the rest of the year.” I doubt that. 

“Why,do I thank you in advance for your ex (tf)?”, he sped upy heart rate though I have remained calm, because I do not want anything from him. If God wants me to be with him then it will be. In fact I’m kinda over my Twin Flame, like I still love him and wonder what would have been if I didn’t allow for this spirit to interfere. But I’ve accepted it for what is. But this spirit insists on flashing memories/ pretending to be my TF for the most mundane things. Reliving the same thing over and over even though I’m over it. 

“Wait I thought there was rank to the Twin Flame thing. That’s what I read.” This spirit said. IRight.

I told him, ” No, its a different expierence much like a soul mate, probably because I was happy and an asshole entity had come in and mess everything up.” 

“Ok I’m happy, you just gave everything away. I want to leave my mark here.” He said. 


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