Things I’ve done to make it go away

  • Paid psychics for reading ($$$)
  • Paid a twin flame therapist.
  • Paid for dark entity removal to the enteral sun
  • Prayed
  • Read up on kundalini awakenings, twin flame, incubus, spirit husbands, ascension, aliens, dark entities, shadow work, mythology, pictured a white violet flame around me. 
  • Writing out the end of a soul contract
  • Cutting soul tie visualization 
  • Binary beats
  • Self hypnosis for higher vibrations
  • Paid for Akashic record hypnosis ($$)
  • YouTube stuff
  • Paid a psychic ($1,000) for removal of dark energy. 
  • Paid ($5,000) for going to the psyche ward.
  • Therapy
  • Friend paid a witch for a spell but she wanted me to do a blood sacrifice. ($$$)
  • Spiritual bath ($50)
  • Salt baths 
  • Bought crystals ($)
  • Prayed somemore
  • Prayed for the entity
  • Church
  • Wrote about it
  • Waited it out
  • Fought back mentally and visually until mental and physical exhaustion.
  • Complied with some of the entities demands in hopes that it would leave like it said it would.
  • I tried to meditate and remain calm.

And I’m tired. I’m done. I can’t do this alone. On a hood day its still terrible. My blood pressure is sky high. I feel every bit of noise in my body. I see faces of people I’ve never seen before. I cry when I wake up. Everything is hyper sexualize to the point of nausea. I thought that things were getting better but I don’t know what more to do. 

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