The Games He Played

You are Lucky/ Unlucky– Feeling bad because there are other people suffering in the world. “Ancestral curse”. Feeling like you are cursing other people with your presense. Some how spitting has something to do with it. 

IAM – forced me to say I am the goddess Isis , with visions of her and temples ect. Other gods or goddesses/ Adam and eve, or other iconic couples come into play. Strong visions. “Possession”. Only recently saw the IAM Ra post when looking up the Law of One.

Opposite Play: tried to make everything confusing by saying he meant or something is actually the opposite. This is because I’m not sure but after my ex and I broke up I was so confused why I heard the telepathy/ the entity saying “I love you” and he didn’t act like it or ddnt say it. So I jokingly shoke his head and said “why is everything the opposite!!” He laughed and kissed my forehead before he left. The entity played on this over the course of the year. 

False Past Life: During the “1111 awakening”, he made me think that my partner at the time was my son in a past life. Even a cab driver asked if he was my son (I guess cause he’s short) but we don’t look alike or even have the same skin tone. This made it kinda strange between him and I but I took it with a grain of salt. He also said that I sexually abused 57 children in a past life. Which is bullshit. I guess I always wondered what I did to deserve this life because its been difficult (not to say others don’t have the same) . I always said I must have been a terrible person (just to get by). But if I say stuff like that a “devil” will twist it to take control of you. 

Achoo:  Turned into being put on trial/judgment/ on the news. 

False Awakening: False kundalini awakening (tingles, burns, chakras, gift and abilities). 1111, sychonicities etc, the only thing I awakened to was that this spirit was there patiently waiting for the time he can play with me.

God Play/ God Damn/ God Bless– condemning and talking about what’s a sin and what’s not a sin while hyper realizing a life of “sin” through sensory overload. Accounting of sins and memories, human sacrifice (jesus) Religion. Saints and Sinners. Being forced to pick a religion. 

Demon Play: Witch craft, demon, curses, the feeling of being in hell although it all feels the same. Dangling material or 3D wants or wishes. Human sacrifice. 

Are you Afraid of the Dark– usually involved “aliens” or “ghosts” or witchcraft, (people spitting at me) supernatural poldgiest stuff like lights turning off. 

Death Wish- overload of suicidal thoughts. Felt like I was also being shot in the head. Told i was a human sacrifice/ compost. 

Health– sensory health problems like sensation of parasites, skin, genital, head issues, can also feel like a kundalini awakening. Death.diseases.sensory overload. Suppression of “gifts”, abilities/ talents and pleasures.

Self esteem: Age, beauty, hair, good person, good deeds, not feeling good enough, feeling like you only hurt people around you, body image, gender and sexuality, how you eat, what you eat, the ideas or frames of mind that make us “who we are”. Shame.

Twin Flame – often parrots twin flames voice exactly, telepathy, obsession, sex, love what does it mean, unrequited love, forced celibacy, children + marriage,. Ect. Heartbreak, loneiness, lots of crying. Feeling like your twin flame is hurting you (in separation) or you are hurting them (with your presence in their life). 

Hyper sexuality: masterbation, everything feels dirty or overly sexual (like something as simple as looking at a flower), forced orgasms, “incubus”, sex for the wrong reasons, shifting eyes or “suggesting” to look at people and then hyper sexualibg bodies, Oedipus/Eleckra complexes, to look at all sexual interactions forced into shame. 

Childhood fears/ fear: shame guilt, anger, regret, parents, fear of failure, death of loved ones, things that scared us as a child, reliving trauma, emotion that do not feel associated to the current circumstance or that are “not yours”. 

Over all confusion: while most was/ is”bullshit”, he did tell me that something was going to happen to my sister, my grandma and my mom (foretelling the future). Life generally feels out of control (forced to move, quit job). Realizing where other people implanted ideas that this “spirit” plays on and shifts thinking or perception of reality. These are just the ones I remember or made sense.
I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. 

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