Highest Good

I’m just kinda annoyed at this point. This spirit is just really annoying and gross and confusing.

He won’t stop talking bullshit all day. Sleep is my only relief. But I wake up to crying or crazy thoughts or just jibber jabber like soon as I open my eyes. I’m currently trying to find some one to help me remove this cause I know I sound crazy… And while some of the concepts that the spirit entity plays on do come from my life or something I read…. He will always find a way to twist it.

Even thought I have made a conscious declaration to move on from my twin flame (I’m trying not to look at his pages or not getting upset from every thought of him), this spirit is really trying to hold on to my weak spot. Whether its saying he will come back (if I wait in celibacy-because of something I read) or saying he’s never coming back he has a more beautiful woman. What ever it is just. Won’t. Stop. 


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