You lose

The spirit said to me, “you lose your twin flame”

Which was already obvious. He tried to make it seem as if I endured nasty shit… That I would some how win my twin flame back. 

But I already wanted to jump off that boat. 

It doesn’t make sense idk how its “karmic release” if it isn’t even my fucking karma. Where’s the karma for the 3D bullshit I endured? “Being a good person” where is the karma for that? 

Nothing was worth this. Nothing. Not my TF… Nothing. Its gross to even think that way. I can see why people detatch from the TF all together, because if you are enduring some wild shit with this hope that you receive someone or something is like yuck. It feel better to bare this cross on your own than to associate it with the ones you love. 

At the same time understanding that the ones you love all etched their names in it. 

Earlier in the year the spirit wanted me to say, “IAM Isis” … Now since I was little my family gave me things on Egyptian mythology and culture… I even learned to write hieroglyphics. I use to make tablets as a kid and my art teacher stole them all.  I didnt want to say I am Isis … One because I’m not and two because of God. That was a whole other trip I will write about later.

It wasn’t until recently (yesturday) when I came across this concept of Law of One…. Where this person was channeling saying “IAM Ra” …. I read through some of it but it didnt resonate with me.

Like who and what is doing all of this. Like is this spirit googling how to fuck with me? why did this spirit try to make me do the same thing?

Are they lonely?

Fucked up cause I really like eygptian mythology. But in a way this spirit took something special away from me. 

Like I’m already done with this spirit. Thanks for the trippy experience… I’m can leave now. 


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