Divide and Conquer

I have been sit back in a lot of groups and just observing the conversation. Twin flames, spirituality etc. 

There are so many people that feel alone.

So many people suffering from 3D experiences and both spiritual ones. 

One person said they felt like they had no friends and have been isolated and a flood of responses came in with people feeling the same way. 


Why would we feel alone in a world with a balzillion people?

Cause if we connected from pure love…. OMG …. The things we could do in this world.

From what people tell me extreme isolation is apart of kundalini (I’m experiencing that now) but why? 

If kundalini is for our benefit to awaken the people … Our gifts.. Clearing … Why are people suffering … Why are people isolated… Drained… Terrified? For years? What good am I sitting here suffering? What good am I running around looking for answes… When there is a strong possibility there are none? 

I thought awakening was suppose to help humanity. So why are people unnecessarily suffering when we could be out there help each other and the planet?

I question everything. 

Just some thoughts. 

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