Stop me from praying

For some reason this spirit attempts to stop or punish me from praying. 

There were many attempts where this spirit tried to gently turn my mind to make me feel like I am praying to him during prayer. So I have to make it clear, “Lord God in heaven above creator of all things” just so we are clear I’m not praying to him. 

I prayed for him. Many times actually.

So sometimes he trys to steer my words when praying… Or send distracting thoughts. Has said I only curse people when I pray (which kept me from praying for a while). 

But I kept praying. I gave up reading the Bible at one point because he would shift my eyes or try to make it hard to read…. He would even read the scriptures faster than me again making it difficult to read. 

I mean if homeboy wants to be an audio book for the bible we cool. But I doubt that was the intention.

He also “punishes” after by making everything overly sexual. So words, sounds.. Imagesnor just inanimate objects (that wouldnt normally bother me) and that are not even connected to… Become hyper sexual for no reason. And I’m just standing there like REALLY?  WHY?

Religion, God seems to be a sensitive subject for this spirit. At times he will try to debate with me about the existence of God… But I’m opting out of going in circles to try to win a debate about God. 

I believe in God and that’s it. I don’t have to explain myself until I’m blue in the face. 

This spirit wants me to explain myself for everything. And honestly I don’t have to. I don’t mind a friendly conversation (with friends) …. Or understanding other peoples point of views … Or experiences … Faiths… But I do not have to perpetually explain myself to this spirit or be punished by it for mybiwn beliefs…. Because its just going in circles. (Definition of insanity).

If it does not believe in God or is mad at God… Then I all I can do is pray for it. Because I can not change its views apparently. 

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