Law of Attraction During Kundalini

Just a thought. 

If someone has a really negative “Kundalini Awakening” and all these negative thoughts and triggers come up (whether it is ours or not, whether we have choice or not) how does this relate to law of attraction? 

Is it the “sub conscious” or the concious mind that attracts?

Does the “shadow” “sub conscious” mind express the opposite? 

It still brings experiences none the less. These negative experiences/ thoughts/ influences can turn our lives upside down. Trying to understand the point. 

Super Imposed

When I looked at some of the things that happened in my life. I realized that they were in some ways super imposed into my “sub conscious” by family members only to be played out and then taunted by this spirit. 

When I was a little girl my mother said, “you look like you will be a cheater“. Why she would say that to a young girl who doesn’t even understand cheating or sexuality I have no idea. 

I remember asking my Twin if he had ever cheated. He said he had before, I hadn’t, I wouldn’t say I never thought about it but I never did. 

When I broke up with my twin flame (because he was avoiding me on valentines day) I went on two dates one of which included “third base”. Once I realized it wasn’t who or what I wanted I went back to my twin flame a week and a half later. I never told him. Whichnwas wrong. It was a strange feeling to feel drawn to someone who didn’t treat me in the ways I was use to. It was confusing, frustrating…. But I tried to check myself from running away and going on a date every time he triggered me with his carelessness. 

Later (a year and a half later) the spirit/voice taunted me saying I was a cheater…. I guess because I didn’t wait long enough to go out with someone else… Or because I went back to my Twin Flame. I think most of all maybe because I didn’t tell him so he didn’t have a choice. 

You made your bed now lay in it. 

I mean he did the same thing in a way …. He said he waited a week (cause he figured I wasn’t coming back) before calling a girl from his job to hook up. The hook up didn’t bother me as much the not getting back together. That’s what really tore me up. 

I guess the moving on, was the difference. He hooked up/ moved on with the intention of not coming back. I hooked up to sooth a wound only to find he was both my poison and my cure.

Either way that’s a shitty foundation to build anything on. 

So that’s just one example of super imposed… Sub-concious stuff. 

My soul mate happened to be polygamous, but he was open and honest about it. I do not identify with poly as I prefer monogamy or at least building towards monogamy. I didn’t mind my soul mate being poly (it was just hard for me to think about it while living together, it was just a space issue.) 

But in terms of having loving, special relationships with other people we are attracted to for whatever the reason… I get. For me … Its just stops at sexual. But I also understand there are moments where that line may be blurred.

I guess this is just an example of something that is “programmed” into us for the “play” or “show” experience if you will. 

Because bla bla bla pain is your best teacher. I mean I get it… There is a pain in your body…say in your back… You notice it… Identify it… Go to the doctore or start doing yoga to relieve the pain … You learned about both the pain/ why and the solution. 

But I just don’t fully subscribe to this… I just don’t. I don’t think… Pain is our only teacher…

I can now see how fragile our spirits and subcouncious are to both environment and the words that are said to us. How we process that or even hold on to it. 

I don’t know if this is bull or not. But its just my thoughts anyway. 

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