I know my energy and my conscious mind. I know my intentions. I know my wounds. 

I do not know the ways of the world. Or the universe. I only know me. 

The spirit said one day, “I have been trying to get this one for a while now.” 

Anything of true divinity would not need to trick me or play with my emotions. 

I’m starting to get fed up.

Only because this thing has zapped enough of my energy, and tries to stick around acting like he is helping me.

Dangling my twin flame as a carrot.

I thought I was “blending” or merging with my twin flame…. But if it was really my twin flame the I would have felt him more. I would have learned more about him in this seperation … Like this spirit knows so much about me. So really it feel like some attachment gnawing on every drop of energy through my root chakra. 

I keep searching for healing and healers but I can’t seem to find the right one. I spent a lot of money trying to heal from this shit only to still have this attachment sucking on my energy like a slurpy from 7/11. 

Fuck this shit. 

I gave up my twin flame like he told me to. Now what?

Seriously fuck this shit.

I don’t know what this shit is but I know it is not divine, and it is trying to keep me from my divinity with God and sovereignty on this planet. 

If it didn’t need me then it would have left a long time ago…. It would have left when I asked it to leave.

If I’m a soul having a human expierence …why on earth is there something else trying to drive me?

Took my authenticity away …. To then feed it back to me like its trying to help me. I was already loosing weight, I already made a pack with myself to be celibate for a year, I already healed from wounds from my childhood. Maybe more deeply this time, because it was affirmed but only to create new ones in their place.

Seriously there is other shit I need to do on this rock than to be terrorized by pesky needy greedy demon. 

I don’t need this shit. And I don’t want it. I’m done.

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